Ants and Agent Orange

Me, Miss Insufferably Self-Righteous don’t use any plastic containers, me, at the last rain storm brought out the little piece of anti-ant chalk Steve and I got at a Chinese market. It said, “Non-toxic,” and so whenever it rained in San Francisco and the ants crawled indoors, I’d bring out the chalk. “It’s non-toxic!” Then happily draw circles around the ants, who within minutes start staggering around the kitchen floor. No wonder they walked in circles and collapsed, and were dead dead dead.

I just learned at a dinner party the other night that the chalk is DDT. I’m at once suspicious of everything, since everything kills you and so naive. “But it read, ‘Non-toxic’ on the package!”



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2 responses to “Ants and Agent Orange

  1. gail

    It’s non-toxic as long as you don’t eat it or touch it! Try cinnamon sticks and then get the ant stakes and put them outside your house where they are coming in. P.s. How about the name neuroticmother? I just don’t like “mama” and I know someone who has a column on Literary Mama called MultiCultiMama or something like that. It’s too berkeley for me. xo

    • neuroticmama

      I don’t like “Mama” at all! “Neuroticmom” was taken and I think “Neuroticmother” as well. It is too cutesy, too Berkeley, and somehow being neurotic and a mama clash. I’ll search wordpress to look for other options.

      Funny about “non-toxic.” Yes, if you don’t touch or eat it.

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